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Apple Watch set to launch in US in March

There has been speculation over when the highly anticipated Apple Watch would be on sale since it was first unveiled in September 2014. New reports now say that it will be ready by the end of March 2015.

The new addition to the Apple family will cost customers $349 and is said to be ready to be released in the US by the end of March 2015. Apple employees in the US will be sent for training on the watch between February 9 and February 16 and it has been reported that they will then train the rest of Apple’s employees before it goes on sale in stores.

There were previously concerns over whether or not the watch would be ready in time for a spring release, so this may come as good news to those hoping to get their hands on it.


Tiffany & Co. launch new timepiece collection

Luxury jewellery brand, Tiffany & Co. is launching new timepiece collections for 2015.


The Tiffany CT60 collection includes over 20 pieces for both men and women. The collection features self-winding mechanical chronograph Swiss movements. Most watches in the collection will be made from stainless steel, however some models will be made from 18-carat rose gold.


The Tiffany East West range will include watches with rectangular faces and made from stainless steel.


Tiffany will also be releasing a limited edition timepiece which will be an 18-carat rose gold calendar watch with 42-hour power reserve and shock-absorption system. It will also have a sapphire crystal display. Only 60 of the limited edition watches will be released, and each will have an authentic number on the back of the case.


The collections are said to be inspired by New York City.


Microsoft launch new smartwatch band

Microsoft has launched a new smartwatch style band, Microsoft Band which is focused on tracking the user’s health and fitness.


The Microsoft Band will cost £169.99 in the UK and works with both Android and iOS smartphones. It is able to track heart rate, steps, sleep and calories and also has a built-in timer and alarm app. To add to this, the band also lets the user know when a call is coming through and displays emails, calendars and notifications.


Microsoft is among the list of brands competing for the best smartwatch product this year. The Microsoft Band is dust and splash resistant.


Bulova set to make set of Bluetooth clocks

Bulova, a brand that is celebrating 140 years in the timepiece industry, is set to launch a collection of Bluetooth enabled accent clocks at its first High Point Market appearance.


The clock labelled ‘Time of your life clock’ has a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can play music from a phone, tablet or a computer from up to 20 feet away. The design is classic and suitable for different decorating designs and comes complete with rechargeable batteries and a universal charger so it can be charged anywhere in the world.


There will be four different clocks in the collection, Merrick, Brookfield, Empire and Astor and each have different designs.


Baselworld 2015

Baselworld 2015 showcased some of the most long awaited watches in the timepiece industry and is the world’s biggest timepiece fair.


The annual show, which contained luxury brands and both traditional watches and smart watches, confirmed that despite the introduction of technology based and smart watches in recent years, traditional watchmaking skills are still prominent and sought after. It introduced some of the most fascinating and detailed chronograph watches to date.


Baselworld 2015 took place in Basel, Switzerland between March 19-26 and included timepieces from brands such as Rolex, Casio, Bulova and Patek Philippe.


First look at Mondaine Helvetica No.1

Customers have had the first look at the new Mondaine Helvetica No.1 smartwatch and the brand has taken a different approach to smartwatches in comparison to competitor brands.


The new Mondaine Helvetica No.1 smartwatch doesn’t have a touch screen display like most new smartwatches, instead it has a classic Mondaine design with traditional fonts and colours made popular by the company. Instead of being able to read emails and download apps, the new Mondaine smartwatch has the ability to track sleep, fitness, daily steps, distance and calories. The watch works with an app made by Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) and works on iPhone and Android devices.


The Mondaine Helvetica No.1 is set to launch this summer.


Swatch unveils new smartwatch plans

The world’s largest watch maker has claimed that it is not worried about competition from the Apple Watch, despite claims that the launch of the Apple Watch is significant to the Swiss watch making industry. The company claims that it is not trying to produce a mobile phone that can be worn on the wrist, instead it sees smartwatches as an opportunity.


The new Swatch smartwatch could include a chip which allows users to make a contactless payment via the watch, it also said to be able to work with both Apple and Android phones and will have a longer battery life than the Apple Watch.


The Swatch smartwatch range is said to be available this year.


Apple Watch finally released

The long anticipated Apple Watch has finally been released, and no doubt customers will be itching to get their hands on it.


Apple held events in San Francisco and Berlin on Monday to launch the Apple Watch collection which includes the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Edition. The Apple Edition watch is the most expensive of the three and will cost buyers around £12,000 as it’s made from18 carat rose and yellow gold.


Despite being one of the most anticipated watches of the year, watch experts are worried that the hardware on the watch will be out of date in a year’s time.


Apple Watch Edition collection watch could sell for £3,300

Experts in the timepiece industry have estimated that the cost of the Apple Watch Edition could be $5,000 (£3,300). Although Apple itself has not yet released or confirmed any prices experts have estimated the prices of the smart watch on the basis of the watch’s parts and components.


The Apple Watch Edition is made of 18 carat rose or yellow gold and its straps will be made from different luxurious materials, such as leather. Despite this, experts have warned that the Apple Watch processors and hardware could soon be out of date in the future, in comparison to other smart watches.


The Apple Watch is set to be released this spring.


Mondaine launches first Swiss made horological smart watch

Swiss watch brand, Mondaine is set to launch its first smart watch this year.


The new timepiece is the first ever Swiss-made horological smart watch with many of the same design features as Mondaine’s Helvetica range, it will be called Helvetica No.1 Smart.


Helvetica No.1 Smart will have a built in activity tracker and an analogue face, the company hopes to combine traditional Swiss watch making with new technology. Mondaine has partnered with Manufactured Movements Technologies (MMT) to develop the timepiece.


Andre Bernheim, CEO of Mondaine said: “This is a beautiful Swiss watch that is also connected and smart.”


Mondaine predict that the Helvetica No.1 Smart will be available to buy in Autumn 2015.


Casio G-Shock S Series hits the runway at New York Fashion Week

Casio G-Shock S Series has once again collaborated with famous women’s wear designers Nicholas K, Timo Weiland and has this time also worked with Luxury fashion brand, Harbison for the Fall/Winter 2015 collections at New York Fashion Week.


The collection with Nicholas K included custom made pocket watches and the Casio tribal rose print on ball gowns, while the Timo Weiland collection showed off designs with watches fused into the sleeves and on custom made jackets, and finally Harbison features Tribal Rose watches which had been implemented into the season’s looks.


The brand wanted to create contemporary designs for women who love the Casio G-Shock S Series but feel that they are too bulky to wear on the wrist. Casio now wants the G-Shock S Series to be seen as a sports fashion accessory.


Swatch to design smart watch for spring

Swiss watch brand, Swatch is set to make a smart watch that can work in conjunction with Android and Windows smartphones. According to a Bloomberg report the new smart watch designed by Swatch is set to be launched in spring but no dates have been confirmed.


The new Swatch smart watch is rumoured to not need charging which could be an advantage when competing against other smart watches on the market. It is said to change the face of smart watches as the brand, which is famous for bright colours and plastic straps, wants to make one that people actually want to wear.

Other watch brands such as Fossil are also thinking about designing their own smart watches this year.


Rotary launches new vintage spring/summer collection

Swiss watch maker Rotary is set to launch its new spring/summer 2015 collection which will focus on its heritage.


Rotary was originally founded in 1895 and this year the brand will celebrate its 120th birthday. The new watches will have traditional and vintage designs with modern technology included. The watch designs will be based on previous popular models that the brand produced from the 60s, 70s and other eras.


The new spring/summer 2015 collection will include watches called, Ocean Avenger, The Portland, The Cambridge, the Regent and The Lausanne.


Apple release date is finally confirmed by CEO

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has confirmed that the Apple watch release date will be April 2015.


The date was confirmed during an earnings call this month and after the exchange rate and VAT, the cost of the new Apple watch is expected to be around £300.


There will be an iPhone app for those who want their phone to work in conjunction with their watch. Consumers will be able to get their hands on three versions of the Apple Watch, the Entry Level Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition which has an 18-carat gold case.


Tim Cook said: “We’d like to thank our customers for an incredible quarter, which saw demand for Apple products soar to an all-time high.”


Bulova mentioned on BBC Radio 2

The watch brand, which was set up by Joseph Bulova was mentioned on popular radio show, BBC Radio 2 this month.


The afternoon show is hosted by Steve Wright and the presenter and his guests were asking each other questions, one guest asked: “Which was the first paid TV advert to broadcast in the states?” incorrect answers included, toothpaste, washing powder and a fridge.


The actual answer was Bulova Watches was the first paid advert to be broadcast in the states on July 1 1941 over New York Station WNBT (which is now WBNC), it was broadcast during a baseball game between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.


Casio experiences successful Christmas period with premium brands

Casio’s premium watch brands G-Shock, Edifice and Sheen have had a successful Christmas trading period after experiencing triple figure growth.


G-Shock sales were up by 115 per cent, while Edifice increased by 143 per cent, thanks to collaboration with Formula One and Sheen, which worked with popular girl band The Saturdays had a 120 per cent increase. The figures are in comparison to the sales during the same period in 2013. The brand also experienced a successful sell-in sales increase to retail partners of 115 per cent in comparison to 2013, while sell-out sales to independent, multiple and department stores experienced an increase of 45 per cent.


Tim Gould, head of marketing at Casio said that the new Edifice product was Casio’s most successful product launch to date.


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Business Insider UK names Swatch Sistem51 coolest watch in the world

Half the number of parts but all the innovation, power and sleek design we’ve come to expect from Swatch, the new Sistem51 was the watch everyone was talking about at the annual watch show, hosted in Basel in 2013.


Swatch’s Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti, said: “Jaws Dropped. No one thought it would be possible.”


The Sistem51 watch contains half the usual amount of parts required for an automatic watch and is powered automatically by the wearer’s movement. The best news? It comes with an affordable price tag.


There are currently four designs to choose from: Sistem Blue, Sistem Black, Sistem Red and Sistem White.


Take a look at our full range of Swatch watches to find your perfect timepiece.


New Mondaine timepiece named as watch of the week in GQ

The new Mondaine watch ‘Helvetica’ was named watch of the week thanks to its sleek and sophisticated design. Helvetica is the font that’s used on New York subway designs and Mondaine had the help of an engineer, historian, TV host and composer when designing the new watch – all of which were Swiss and used their expertise to create the new addition to the Mondaine family.


Helvetica comes in three variations and has a mesh strap, as the official Swiss railways watch Mondaine wanted to offer something different with the new watch while still maintaining the traditional look that makes the brand so popular.


If you like the look of the new Mondaine watch then check out our range of Mondaine watches here.


Bering sponsor Vogue newsletter

Watch maker Bering has been featured in the world famous Vogue magazine.

The Vogue newsletter which ran from Monday 15 December to Tuesday 16 December was sponsored by Bering. The newsletter, which was sent out to 75,000 Vogue subscribers highlights the Bering Arctic Symphony Ring Collection and the Brown Ceramic Watch collection.

Popular timepiece brand Bering also has a full page advert placed in both the January and the February issue of Vogue magazine, the January issue is out now. Vogue has also mentioned the new Bering Blue Ceramic Collection in its news section in the magazine.

Bering is a Danish watch brand that is inspired by the beauty of the Arctic.


Rotary present squad watch to new Chelsea Football Club signings

Chelsea Football Club’s 12 new signings have been presented with a new watch from reputable watch manufacturer Rotary.


As Chelsea FC’s Global Official Timekeeper the timepiece manufacturers honoured the new players with a squad wrist watch for the 2014/2015 season from its Jura collection which includes Swiss made skeleton automatic watches. The watch contains 21 jewels and has an original blue skeleton dial and an open case back. Rotary wanted to give the players a watch that was both traditional and modern.


Rotary awarded the watches to the new players to signify and reflect the solid partnership that they have with Chelsea Football Club.


Sony set to make new e-ink and electronic paper watch

Global technology brand Sony is set to release a new watch next year that is made from e-ink and electronic paper in an attempt to show how the material can be used in the fashion industry. 


Sony first put the idea on a crowd funding site anonymously, to see if the concept had any real value among the public as Sony didn’t want the new timepiece to just be successful because of its brand. 

After reaching $30,000 and gaining 115- supporters the company has now revealed that the project is its own and that five Sony engineers will work on the new project. 

Sony’s new timepiece does not yet have a release date but it is available to pre-order now and the first watches will be sent out in May 2015.  


First pure 24 carat gold watch case created by Bulova

Bulova has created the first watch with a case that is constructed from 999.9 pure 24 carat gold.


 The new timepiece is the first edition to be added to the highly anticipated Joseph Bulova collection and is expected to cause a stir amongst the timepiece industry. The watch has been described by one of the UK’s leading industry publications, WatchPro as ‘Innovative watch of the year’. 

While Gregory Thumm, Bulova Corporation President said “The 24-karat [sic] gold special edition watch is true statement to the legacy of Bulova’s founder, Joseph Bulova, and his unwavering dedication to innovation and craftsmanship.” 

The watch will come complete with a hand-made presentation case which is completely covered in 24 carat gold leaf. 


Casio and Bulova listed in top 5 men’s watches list

Top watch manufacturers Casio and Bulova have been listed in the Get Ready for Christmas: Top 5 Men’s Watches list ahead of the upcoming holiday season. 

Casio is featured twice in the list with its Casio Edifice Silver Chronograph Watch which has a classic look with an analogue display, white dial and traditional silver strap.

The second Casio watch mentioned in the Top 5 list is the Casio Men’s Wave Ceptor Silver Chronograph Watch which has an alarm function and a fold over strap.

The Bulova Black Green Dress Watch also makes the top 5 and is renowned for being durable and long lasting. 

Kick off your Christmas shopping with our range of Casio and Bulova watches. 


World’s most expensive watch sells for £15m

The world’s most expensive watch has sold for a whopping £15.1m in the Sotheby’s auction room in Geneva, Switzerland.

Five bidders battled for the sale of the watch, named the Henry Graves Supercomplication, for 15 minutes before it was finally sold. The watch has a gold open face minute repeating chronograph clock watch with a Westminster chime, it also has a perpetual calendar, power reserve, sidereal time, moon phases and sunset and sunrise time indications for New York City.

The watch has been described as a ‘masterpiece which transcends the boundaries of horology’ by Tim Bourne, Sotheby’s worldwide head of watches and Daryn Schnipper, chairman of Sotheby’s watch division. They also believe it has earned its place as one of the world’s greatest works of art.

The watch was made by Patek Philippe, it took three years to research and an additional five years to make. It was eventually completed in 1933.



Apple watch release date is delayed until spring 2015

A leaked video from the head of retail at Apple has suggested that the new smart watch will not be released until spring 2015.

There has been speculation about Apple’s new smart watch since it was unveiled in September 2014, it has received a mixed reaction and was originally expected to be released in early 2015. It has now been reported that the watch’s release date is likely to be pushed back until spring 2015 which could mean that Apple fans may only be able to get their hands on the watch from March next year.

It’s rumoured that the release date has been pushed back because Apple has found that designing the smart watch has been a greater challenge than designing the iPhone and the company wanted to spend more time perfecting the battery life which is said to be poor.

Apple has not yet commented on the release date.


Bulova present Manchester United with personalised watches

Swiss watch maker Bulova held a ceremony at Old Trafford on Monday 27 October to present the first team players with specially designed watches.

As the club’s official timekeeping partner, the watch manufacturer has been working with the first team players to create watches personal to them, Robin Van Persie, Angel di Maria and Luke Shaw attended the launch of the collection to receive their new personalised timepieces. The ceremony was also used as a chance to celebrate the launch of Bulova’s new ‘Treble Collection’ which is inspired by Manchester United winning the Treble in 1999.

The Treble Collection has been designed so fans always have a reminder of when Manchester United became the only English team to win the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup in 1999.

Watches in The Treble Collection are available in silver, blue and red.


Sekonda set to sponsor hit TV show

The UK’s number one watch brand Sekonda has snapped up a sponsorship deal with ITV’s hit show, Surprise Surprise.

Sekonda have issued a warning to businesses to ensure that they have enough stock to cope with the high demand in Sekonda watches that is expected to follow the Sponsorship, especially as it is so close to Christmas.
Sekonda has been the UK’s best-selling watch brand for over 20 years and focuses on providing high quality watches at an affordable price, models include: Sekonda Nightfall, StarFall Sekonda and Moonlight Pearl.

The popular show will form an eight part series starting on Wednesday 28th October 2014 at 8pm, there will also be a Christmas special on Sunday 28th December.


Rotary creates limited addition Chelsea Football Club watch

Watch manufacturer Rotary has teamed up with Chelsea Football Club to create two new limited edition watches.


The new watches will differ in design, one will have a dark grey dial while the other will have a white dial. Both watches will include the Chelsea Football Club lion on the face of the watch and Chelsea blue colours will be implemented within the design.

The watches will be Swiss-made, quartz chronograph products and only 150 of each watch will be available.
Rotary has been the official global timekeeper for Chelsea since the summer of 2013 and Victoria Campbell, Rotary Chief Executive, has said that the partnership with the famous football club is vital to Rotary’s ambitions internationally.


G-Shock watches are a hit at New York fashion Week

Reputable watch brand Casio is making a name for itself in the fashion industry with its G-Shock range.


G-Shock’s timepiece collection, MT-G: Metal Twisted G-Shock took centre stage during New York Fashion Week in the SS15 collections. The men’s and women’s collections were featured throughout the week and were showcased alongside famous menswear designer Robert Geller, the watches also received praise and recognition from brands such as and Elle.

G-Shock watches took part in 12 outfits on the catwalk and despite the fact that the range was originally created to withstand any damage and be the ‘watch that never breaks’, it has now been successfully launched in to men’s and women’s high fashion and has been a hit on the runway.

Thanks to its success on the catwalk, Casio now aims to continue evolving in the fashion industry while ensuring that the watches are still tough and durable. 


Swatch unveils new range of unique automatic watches

Swatch, the world’s biggest watch maker, is set to launch a new range of automatic watches called Sistem51.


It will be made from ARCAP, a blend of copper, nickel and Zinc which will have anti magnetic properties. Swatch has also included a unique feature to their range – transparency, which will allow owners to see the mechanics behind how their watch works.

The new watch range has an automated mechanical movement made from 51 components which are wielded together to form a single assembly that is centred on one single screw. Sistem51 will be the first watch range in the world to include a mechanical movement whose assembly is one hundred percent automated.


The new range will be available to buy at Watches by Timepiece soon. 


New Apple smart watch is not competition for watch market

The Apple smart watch has not generated as much hype and hysteria among the watch market as it was initially expected to.

The watch, which is to be released in early 2015 is said to cost $349 in the US and will be able to monitor the user’s fitness and health, contain Apple apps and control music from an iPad or iPhone.

Despite Apple’s aim to create the best watch in the world, it has not yet raised any concern for rival watch companies.

Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch told Swiss media that Swatch, the world’s biggest watch group, was not worried about the new watch, while Jean-Claude Biver, head of LVMH luxury watch division claimed that Apple’s smart watch was too feminine and would soon be outdated due to its square face and curved edges.

It’s not yet clear whether the Apple smart watch will be a breakthrough product in the watch industry, but one thing is for certain – the current watch makers don’t see it as a threat.  

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